The Freeist is a project that aims to broaden our perspectives. The author’s desire is to make people broaden the opportunities they have in life. The wish is to make people leave the deterministic approach.

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About the author

Samuela Davidova

Samuela Davidova (call her ‘Sam’) got the idea of creating the concept of the Freeist once she realized she lives a pretty flexible life herself. She may be an extreme example to others – she relocated to another country, continues to travel the world (and inspire thousands of others to do the same), and is able to pack her things in a matter of minutes.

While observing deeper the concept, she realized, that the core objection is the individual’s mindset. Since exploring the individual philosophy during her own reflections, she realized how limited we usually become, especially the older we get.

“If you watch the kids, you notice how curious, playful, and aware they are. They live in the moment. The only advantage we have above them is that adulthood brings responsibility to our lives. If we truly embrace both worlds, we may live a more fulfilled life that enables us to spot and enjoy all the opportunities we have. I do not believe we must go far – the principles are simple. I am sure that we already have it all. The only difference is whether we see it or not,” Samuela describes her initiative.

In the project, she aims to promote individual freedom by fully embracing responsibility. She brings particular steps one can take to broaden what one can do. The concept works with risk awareness, identification of the strengths, or helps to zoom out to see different perspectives.

“We were raised in the limited borders of our culture. Yet, it’s nothing more than a social construct. Observing the world makes one understand all the angles and shades that are there. The world is in balance, and so is life. Despite the popular illusion of stability, there’s none. Nature is motion and motion is nature. One is another in a constant transformation. If we accept this, we’re able to benefit from the realm,” she adds.

Samuela Davidova promotes libertarian philosophy, freedom, and remote work. In July 2022 she also became the representative of Liberland to the Georgian country. She helps people to broaden their world and self-understanding. She writes & speaks.

If you want to invite Samuela to give a speech at your conference, contact her at remotegirl@protonmail.com or be@thefreeist.com

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