Future & Past Samuela’s Presentations in Relation to the individual freedom

FUTURE confirmed events:

2023, 29th of April 5 PM- Ayn Rand Center Georgia – event link – Questioning the Legitimacy of the State
2023, 1st of May 7.30 PM – Introduction to Liberland @ 1890 Business Center, Tbilisi, GE
2023, 3rd of May 8 PM – [In]stability in the age of unification at New Economics School, Tbilisi, GE
2023, 2nd of June – UTXO conference, Prague, CZ – ‘To be normal’ – confronting the norms and concept of self
2024 February – Eccentric Bar Prague, CZ

PAST Events:

2023, April 19th; Security & Privacy: Are Governmental Regulations the Solution or the Problem? | Liberland Meetup #4event link

  • Recording of the event: here

2023 April @ GeoLab, Tbilisi: What holds us back from fully embracing remote work potential?

When: Thursday the 2nd of February 2023, 7 PM
Where: Tbilisi, Vake Mediatheque

Title: The Freeist – Broadening The Individual Freedom: Rethinking Life To Expand Options

Willing to live at your best? Interested in broadening your adaptability and freedom and thus, the opportunities you have?
Samuela Davidova lives freedom. She can pack the unnecessary (she knows what it is) in minutes and leave one way without losing any balance or normal life conditions. Creating a home is a skill one can learn too. And it’s possible to live without any homesickness anywhere you are, no matter for how long. She addressed the problem first when she understood most people are incapable to leave their houses despite they may face danger if staying. And if still leave, they lose their jobs, and they don’t know where to go and what to do.
Samuela will introduce us to the practical life approach she calls The Freeist – a person who, being aware, broadens the opportunities in his life. By addressing particular areas in life, she will point out the common weak points that hold us back. The goal is to leave the deterministic and conformist approach, despite we all know it’s not easy. Expect a multidisciplinary approach to the practical areas of our everyday life.
Who is The Freeist? The Freeist is the person who accepts the responsibility for their life and takes aware steps toward broadening their opportunities and freedom.

July 2022 – Eccentric Bar Prague

the freeist . com